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1-Run Perforating

The T.E.D system is a multi-gun, single run design. Guns are spaced out based on well design and once on depth, pressure is applied down the tubing actuating each gun.  The last sequence opens ports allowing the ability to circulate the well.


The system was designed with cost, reliability, and time reduction in mind.  By utilizing a closed tubing TCP design, a large number of guns can be run in 1 run, reducing time and cost. A closed system also allows for direct pressure firing heads eliminating the need for delays or pulse type firing which improves reliability. A combination of charges and carriers can be selected from any provider and varied well to well.  A pressure vent is run above the BHA at the bottom of the tubing eliminating any fluid from spilling at surface.

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Unusual Performance

Industry leading reFrac perforating records:

* Most guns in 1 run

     * Most wells perforated

 in a year 2021 & 2022

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Uncommon Reliability

No joke, T.E.D has never had a failure running their multi-gun tcp system. To date, it has been 100% reliable which is pretty uncommon in the industry. You can have confidence in your perforating job and stay on schedule with T.E.D!

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Surprisingly Fast

The T.E.D 1-run TCP system can perforate a well in an 8 hour shift, which is much faster than traditional methods. Save time and money on your next frac program.


A Few Of Our Guys



Resident TCP Wizard at T.E.D and also an owner here. Prefers overalls over suits.



The other owner and 1 of the most knowledgeable guys in the industry. He drives the nicest truck here. 



Even though he's the Controller at T.E.D, he's actually a pretty nice guy and not all that controlling.

2 Rig Job

2 Rig Job

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

New Record

New Record

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